What Is The Robert Kirkman Net Worth

Robert Kirkman Net Worth :¬†Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer and TV maker who has a total assets of $40 million bucks. He is an accomplice at Image Comics, and is most popular for being the co-maker of well known series like “The Walking Dead”, “powerful, ” and “Untouchable”.

Early Life Of Robert

Robert Kirkman was brought into the world in Lexington, Kentucky, on November 30, 1978. His folks brought him up in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Robert Kirkman Net Worth

Career Journey 

Kirkman’s most memorable work in the realm of comic books was the hero spoof comic book “Fight Pope” (2000). He co-made the comic with craftsman Tony Moore, and they independently published it under the name Funk-O-Tron. This comic book was subsequently adjusted by Spike TV into a progression of 8 vivified webisodes in 2008. After distributed “Fight Pope” in 2000, Kirkman’s next project was to deal with a SuperPatriot miniseries for Image Comics. He and craftsman Cory Walker were recruited to deal with the miniseries. It was while chipping away at that project that Kirkman collaborated with E.J. Su to make the series “Tech Jacket” (2002), additionally distributed with Image. “Tech Jacket” ran for six issues.

In 2003, Kirkman by and by collaborated with Cory Walker, and the couple made the comic “Strong” for Image Comics’ new superhuman line. Walker was in the long run supplanted by Ryan Ottley, after he battled to fulfill time constraints. It was not long subsequent to sending off “Strong” that Kirkman and past associate Tony Moore joined forces up again to chip away at their new series, “The Walking Dead” (2003). “The Walking Dead” was an immense achievement, and got the 2007 and 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series. It ran for 193 issues, finishing in 2019. As well as being an unquestionably famous comic book series, “The Walking Dead” was adjusted by AMC into a TV series of the very name that debuted in 2010. The TV series has been selected for a few honors, for example, the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama. It freely follows the occasions and events of the comic book. Kirkman is one of the show’s chief makers, and has composed various episodes for the series, including the episode “Vatos” on season one, “Made to Suffer” on season three and “Outsiders” on season five. Kirkman’s unique “The Walking Dead” comic series has likewise, notwithstanding the TV program, enlivened an enormous establishment that incorporates recordings games, webisode series, and, surprisingly, a book, “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor” (2011), that was composed by Kirkman in organization with Jay Bonansinga. Kirkman and Bonansinga additionally composed the books: “The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury” (2012), “The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor – Part I” (2013), “The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor – Part II” (2014), “Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Descent” (2014), “Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Invasion” (2015), “Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy” (2016), and “Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury” (2017). Kirkman co-made “Dread the Walking Dead”, a friend series to the first TV program, alongside Dave Erickson. He has likewise co-composed a couple of episodes of the series, and fills in as a leader maker on it.

Kirkman has likewise functioned as an essayist for Marvel. Wonder previously terminated him to compose a restoration of the first Sleepwalker series from the 1990s. The undertaking turned out to be dropped being it was distributed, however a portion of its items should be visible in the distribution “Legendary Anthology No. 1” (2004). Despite the fact that his most memorable undertaking for Marvel was rejected, Kirkman stayed with the organization and composed different things, for example, the “Vindicators Disassembled” issues of the series “Chief America”, volume 4; a single shot distributions for “Wonder Knights 2099” (2004); “Celebration”; and “Wonder Team-Up” (2005-2007). Moreover, he dealt with the series “Extreme X-Men” for a long time, and furthermore chipped away at the miniseries “Hopeless Ant-Man” (2006-2007). His relationship with Marvel finished in July 2008, when Image Comics made Kirkman one of their accomplices. He is really the main accomplice (out of five) to not be a prime supporter of the name.

Personal Life

In July 2018, Kirkman bought a $7.25 million compound in Encino, California. He is hitched, and he and his better half have one child together, Peter Parker Kirkman, brought into the world in April 2006. In 2020, Kirkman was granted an exceptional honor at the Angouleme International Comics Festival for his general accomplishment in the business. He likewise won the Inkpot Award in 2012.

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